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Rants About Government and Public Schools

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Time for Career Number Two?

I know a woman who after 25 years as a city planner, she is quitting to go back to school to become an actress. If you do the math, she is well over 40 (she is actually in her 50s). When I asked her why she was leaving her “good paying” position, she just told

Public Schools

Public Schools…A Joke.

Shhh…don’t tell anyone but I’ve been a teacher for over a decade so I speak from experience. Want to know another secret? No Child Left Behind should be called: “Every Child Left Behind” It’s ridiculous.


Hello world!

I just kept the name of this post.  Hello f’n world.  I’m mad at the way you are behaving lately. I mean…where shall I start? The laughable presidential race? The way our schools have completely fallen apart and kids are learning how to be antisocial by staring at computers and failing with automated lessons? The